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Wet Room Floor Formers - Level Access Showering Solutions

Wet Room Shower Tray Floor Formers are used to create Level Access Shower areas in wet rooms.

Wet room floor former trays have a pre-formed gradient in the top surface to drain water towards the waste and are ideal for creating modern showering areas, with the benefit of being suitable for creating walk-in showers for people with disabilities or mobility problems. Achieving the correct gradient for your wet room base is essential for efficient drainage, and the use of wet room shower tray former technology makes it easy to install. The shower tray former has built-in gradients to directly channel the water into the drain.

Wet room floor former shower trays for concrete floors or wooden floor structures provide level access showering, and can be tiled upon or you can complete your wet room shower tray former with vinyl flooring for extra slip resistant protection. All of our wet room floor formers are suitable for installation into both concrete or wooden types of floor.

With several types of shower tray former to choose from, you can achieve a perfect result in any situation. Most of our wet room floor formers can be cut to size to suit nearly every wet room situation.

We offer a wide range of standard wet room trays from AKW Tuff Form, Impey Aqua dec or Level dec, Contour Showerdec, WRD Premier Deck.
We also offer a range of linear drain wet room trays from Impey, AKW and WRD which provide a more luxurious modern look to your shower room and can offer a high water flow rate with the linear drainage system.

Browse our selection of Level Access Wet Room Shower Tray Floor Formers below.

We have a large selection of floor formers available, if you need any advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Contour Showerdec - Wet Room Floor Former
£160.00  -  £170.00
Impey Level-Dec Easy Fit for Vinyl Floors
£240.00  -  £340.00
Impey Aqua-Dec Easy Fit for Tiled Floors
£295.00  -  £425.00
AKW Tuff Form - Floor Former
£160.00  -  £185.00
AKW Tuff Form8 - Floor Former
£225.00  -  £295.00
WRD Wet Floor Deck - Vinyl Flooring
£145.00  -  £210.00
WRD Wet Room Premier Deck Floor Former
£260.00  -  £325.00
AKW Sureform - Wet Room Floor Former
£250.00   £175.00
AKW Tri Form Linear Waste - Floor Former
£475.00   £395.00
Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 2

3 sizes of Impey Aqua Dec with 2 falls

£490.00  -  £530.00
Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 3

2 sizes of Impey Aqua Dec with 3 falls

£535.00  -  £655.00
Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 4

3 sizes of Impey Aqua Dec with 4 falls

£475.00  -  £540.00
Impey Aqua-Grade

10 sizes of Impey Aqua-Grade

£165.00  -  £360.00

Page 1 of 1:    14 Items

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