Planning a Disabled Wet Room or Disabled Shower?

We get asked lots of questions about which products to use and what considerations need to be taken into account when planning a disabled wet room or mobility bathroom. All our goods are to be installed by competent tradespeople. 

A wet room can be a contemporary, beautifully finished room but also an excellent bathing solution for someone in a wheelchair or those who struggle to get in and out of a bath. We sell many suitable products specially designed to benefit and help disabled people and those with limited mobility in the shower or bathroom. Most of these products qualify for VAT exemption if you are eligible, please see our VAT exemption form page for more details on this.

We have a wide range of wet room floor formers (also known as wet room shower trays), shower trays, grab rails, toilets, half height shower doors and shower screens, body dryer, safety care electric shower, thermostatically controlled safety mixer showers, shower drainage water pumps, waterproofing and tanking kits, along with specialist walk-in baths.

Products to consider when planning a disabled wet room…

Wet room floor formers and wet room shower trays These offer a level access shower solution and are laid into the existing floor, replacing the current floorboards or sunk into the screed floor and finish level with the floor in the rest of the room. They provide a fall for the water to follow into the drainage outlet. We have many types and sizes which can be overlaid with tiles of vinyl sheet non-slip or slip resistant safety flooring.

Shower trays available in a variety of heights from level access to 110mm high. These come in a range of sizes often with anti-slip surface and anti-bacterial protection.

Glass Shower Screens, we have a wide range of options available, some with rounded protection on the screen edges for safety, some offer opaque finishes for modesty panels. Also available as a walkthrough style for walk-in shower areas.

Half Height Shower Doors and Screens allow easy access showering and splash protection for any carers. With a vast range of half height shower enclosures available from AKW Showers, Contour Showers and Impey Showers, you’re guaranteed to find a suitable set of half height /low-level shower screens. An extensive range of shower cubicle configurations is available, almost all of which are available in bespoke sizes made to order with a next day delivery.

Shower Seats offer support and safety while using the shower. Available as free-standing seats and chairs or as wall-hung drop-down seats or drop-down seats with back and arms and support legs. We also have wider shower bench style options.

Other products to consider are Grab rails for added safety, Underfloor heating kits for comfort, or the incredibly popular Apres body dryer for ease of drying after your shower.  

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