Waterproofing Kits for Wet Rooms and Bathrooms

Waterproofing & tanking kits which have been designed to provide an instant watertight seal to protect walls and floors in your wet-room shower or bathroom prevent leaks and provide complete peace of mind. An essential aspect of installing your wet room is to waterproof the walls and floors of the shower area adequately to prevent water ingress and provide protection from leaks.

There are several waterproofing solutions available including liquid paint on kits from Mapie or BAL or sheet tanking membrane kits from Impey WaterGuard, Contour Butyl or AKW Formsafe which all include a membrane & sealing tape.
Waterproofing systems and Tanking kits are used in wetrooms, shower enclosures and bathrooms in conjunction with shower screens or open plan wet rooms. They are compatible for use with underfloor heating systems as long as power limit guidelines are followed.


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AKW Formsafe Waterproofing Kits

5 or 10m Waterproofing Kits

£220.00  -  £340.00
Impey WaterGuard Wet Room Wall & Floor Tanking Kit

5m,10m,15m,or 20m Waterproofing kits

£270.00  -  £605.00
Mapei Waterproofing kit
Mapei Basic Tanking kit

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