Doc M Packs - Disabled Toilet Adaption

More of us than ever are installing accessible bathrooms at home. Our range of AKW Doc M Packs demonstrates that functionality does not have to mean ugly, as they have been designed with care to fit in effortlessly to any modern family home. 
For added value for money, take a look at our packs which comprise toilet, handles and grab rails and basin all in one superb value package. And if you need things in a hurry, remember that all our packs come with next day delivery.

What is a Doc M Pack?

DOC M is short for Document M. In the case of a DOC M pack, this is a product set that contains a disabled toilet and is up-to-date with the latest building regulations and is ergonomically designed so the user has maximum comfort when using it. 
There are many features that come with the DOC M pack, please browse our range for further details of each product.
Some of the more specialised features available are:

  • Raised height toilet to make it easier for users to get up off the seat. This is perfect for people whose movement is restricted.
  • TMV 3 Thermostatic sequential mixer tap, this is installed to prevent people from scalding themselves.
  • An alarm cord, this is a safety feature that means if someone required help or falls then they can pull this cord to alert others.
  • Strengthened mirror, so that there is less chance of it getting broken and as there is less chance that the mirror will break then there is a smaller risk to people as they are less likely to get cut by shards of glass.
  • Closed coupled or low-level toilet options.
  • Improved wheelchair accessibility 
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Page 1 of 1:    6 Items