Electric Showers

Our range of electric care showers for the care sector assist with independent living and provide additional care where required.

Our range of brands have developed a variety of innovative products to make showering that bit easier for all. Just some of the design features and benefits available in our range include; audible feedback, easy to operate controls, thermostatic temperature control and dual-purpose grab bar riser rails.

A thermostatic electric shower reacts to changes in the shower supply conditions to ensure the water from the shower remains constant. And takes into account the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities, without compromising on style or performance.  Designed for all family use, these showers won’t look out of place in any bathroom setting.

Electric care showers guarantee hot water at any time of day, meaning you won’t have to think about the timing of your showers again. Electric showers are one of the best ways to ensure instant hot water showers. Not only is it relatively quick to fit an electric shower but they are also a great option to consider if your gas bills are a concern.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items