Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valves - TMV Control & Safety

A thermostatic shower mixer bar mixes the hot and cold water supplies to provide a constant temperature for your shower. Modern thermostatic mixer valves TMV offer safety features to help prevent scalds.  Flow and temperature controls on the thermostatic mixer shower offer comfort, safety and dual controls offer ease of use without having to worry about water temperature.

A thermostatic shower valve allows you to have complete control over your water temperature for the duration of your shower and control the flow rate.
Our wide range of thermostatic mixer valve showers offer a range of features, TMV2, TMV3 and extended riser rails with features for the care sector. Hidden and exposed valve options are available.

How does a TMV - Thermostatic Mixer Valve work?

There is an element within the thermostatic mixing valve that expands and contracts in response to changes in the water temperature and pressure.
If there is an increase in hot water, the element within the mixing valve will increase in size allowing a side valve to open, which will then let some cold water through to compensate for the change in heat. The same process will happen if the water temperatures are the other way around.
Anti-scald feature - If for some reason, the cold water fails altogether, the mixing valve will expand fully to block the hot water completely - preventing scalding.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items