Shower Trays for Disabled Showers

We offer a wide range of easy access shower trays for the care sector, offering anti-microbial and anti-slip properties. Please browse our extensive selection of assisted living shower trays which come in a broad range of sizes from small trays for shower enclosures to larger bath replacement shower trays.

All our disabled shower trays are designed and strengthened to be compatible with Wheelchair and Shower seat use and can be installed in wooden or concrete floors to provide an easy access showering area. Can be used with a shower screen or a suitable set of half height shower doors.

            Level Access Shower Trays can be installed flush with the existing floor to provide step-free easy entry. These are introduced into the floor to provide a flush, level, easy entry into the shower and provide easy access for wheelchair users.

            Low-Level Shower Trays have a profile (height) of 40mm or less. These can be recessed into the existing floor to reduce the step further. Ramps can be used if wheelchair user access is required.

            Step-In Shower Trays have a profile of 70 to 110mm. These can be recessed into the floor to reduce the step further. Many of these are suitable for a solid floor where the pipework can be run under the shower tray, eliminating the need to dig out or breach the existing floor.

If you need any assistance, please contact us, we are happy to help.