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iDry Body Dryer - Air Drying after Bathing or Showering 

Using a Warm Air Body Dryer is far more efficient and effective than other methods of after-shower drying. 

iDry Body Dryer's warm air jets dry the whole body. The jets work laterally at different heights from head to toe, maximising thermal efficiency and ensuring that the whole body is evenly dried.

The iDry Body Dryer is suitable for installation in any shower area or enclosure and can be simply modified for fitting in most bathrooms over the bath. The iDry Body Dryer is usually mounted in the corner of a shower room or bathroom.
Available in white or Anthracite

The iDry Body Dryer is a unique method of air drying the whole body after showering, and you will experience an unequalled drying sensation. The “Full Body Warm Air Dryer” is not just futuristic but practical too. There will be no turning back to the days of wet towels. A body dryer also helps to warm up the shower/bathroom.

If limited mobility is a problem, the dryer bathes the body with a blanket of warm air, drying the whole body and eliminating conventional towels.

Using the “Whole Body dryer”, the skin feels warm and smooth, with no rubbing or chaffing, just a relaxing therapeutic experience, great for sensitive skin.

This is a fantastic addition to any shower or bathroom and is a fantastic, easy-to-use body dryer for everyone, including the disabled or people with limited movement.

The Warm Air Full Body dryer can also be used as a spray tan dryer. 

OTs from the private and public sectors have been recommending iDry throughout the UK for more than 20 years. Very often, the iDry Body Dryer is specified by architects whilst designing an assisted living environment according to clients’ need-based specifications. The body dryer is an advantageous tool to promote independent functioning in daily life. It enables a person to reduce, delay and avoid needing more expensive care interventions.




Using your - iDry Body Dryer

  • Press the air pressure pad once to activate ”Speed 1 “.
  • Enjoy your shower whilst the body dryer heats up to approximately 70 degrees. This process also eliminates steam and condensation. 
  • When showering is complete, press the pad once again, activating “Speed 2”.
  • The full pressure of the warm air full body dryer can now be experienced by turning around in various positions to enjoy the warm drying breeze.

You will soon begin to relax and realise wet towels are a thing of the past.

iDry Body Dryer - Economy

  • Using the iDry Body Dryer daily will naturally reduce your laundry by reducing towel drying. In turn, the environment will benefit from less contamination of harmful soap detergents in our oceans.
  • As well as saving millions of litres of water, reducing pollution and saving energy. The cost to operate The iDry Body Dryer is just 10% of the cost of washing towels.
  • The iDry Body Dryer is environmentally friendly, hygienic, more economical than using a towel and Green!
  • Using The iDry Body Dryer daily reduces mildew, condensation, lime scale and mould in your shower area.


Technical Specifications and Dimensions

  • Available in white or Anthracite
  • Average air outlet temperature: 70F (depending on ambient temperature)
  • Voltage: 220/240v

  • Amperage: 12.8amp

  • Nominal output of 2.9 kilowatts

  • On/off 2-speed air control switch can be mounted at any height (or on the floor)

  • The iDry Body Dryer cable (already attached should be routed outside the shower area and connected by way of an isolator and fused down to 13 amps.

  • Manufactured in white ABS plastic

  • British designed and manufactured patented product.

  • IP Rating: IPX4

  • Tested to (In accordance with British Standards Institution):

    • IEC 60335-2-23:2003

    • IEC 60335-1:2010

Apres Body Dryer dimensions. Technical size information.