AKW Digipumps

A Comprehensive range of AKW Digipumps which suit installations where gravity drainage is not achievable.

Features of AKW DigiPumps

  • Models available to suit both electric and low pressure mixer showers
  • Quiet in operation, no disturbing noises
  • Compact: pump and controller enclosed in one unit + Easy to install
  • M11 option (for electric showers only),
  • M17 option (for both electric and mixer showers), M20 option (ultimate performance for both electric and mixer showers)
  • Max flow rate: 11 litres/min (M11), 17 litres/ min (M17) and 20 litres/min (M20) in ‘real life’ scenario testing
  • M11: 15mm inlet & 22mm outlet connectors
  • M17 & M20: 22mm inlet & outlet connectors
  • Non-handed (to fit left of right inlet)
  • Pump head uses 4 valves for better debris cleaning
  • Pump head can be rotated to allow flow in either direction
  • nternal TGA fuse
  • Activated by flow sensor
  • Only shower waste pump range to be Kite marked
  • IP45 rated
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Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

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