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VAT Exemption Relief & Who Qualifies  - Information and Exemption Form

Who can buy qualifying goods and services without paying VAT?

If you have a long-term illness or you're disabled, you might not have to pay VAT on certain goods and services that you buy. Not all goods and services supplied to chronically sick or disabled people are eligible for VAT relief. In general, the items covered by the VAT relief are things that are of practical help to you because of your illness or disability.

If you want further information, click the link below for further information on how VAT relief works, who qualifies for the VAT relief, what types of goods and services you can buy without paying VAT.

Click here to read the HMRC guidleines on eligibility (this opens a new page).


If you are eligible, you can complete our online VAT exemption form.

Enter your details into the form and click the 'Submit' button at the end of the form. Please contact us if you have any queries.

• If you process your order online and pay the VAT , submitting this form will allow us to process a refund for the value of the VAT. This will be processed by us on the same working day. It may take a day or two to clear back to your card through the payment provider. 

• If you complete the form in advance, please call or email us with details of your requirements. We are unable to switch off the vat for online orders but can process these manually for you.  



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