Contour Folding Shower Screens - Portable Fold Away Carer Screens

A Contour portable half height shower screen is an easily portable alternative to a fixed shower enclosure. Available with white frame or Luxe satin Silver frame.
Compact and lightweight, Contour Carer shower screens offer splash protection and help to keep the carer dry during assisted bathing, whilst the folding design allows for easy storage when not in use.
Fitted with robust handles to assist with positioning and for lifting, a Carer-shower screen is easy to handle and use when a temporary shower enclosure is required.
By removing the Carer-shower screen when it is not in use the shower area is then clear for other members of the household and provides easy access,  space-saving solution.

Features & Benefits of Contour Splash Guard Carer Shower Screens

  • Available with white frame or Luxe satin Silver frame.
  • A convenient alternative to a fixed shower enclosure.
  • Easily portable, shower doors can be moved effortlessly from room to room.
  • Assists in keeping the carer dry during bathing.
  • Splash protection for the carer.
  • Low screen height of 750mm, which is a preferred height for carers. Other screen heights available on request.
  • Fold-flat for easy storage.
  • Available in 5 standard sizes. Bespoke carer screen sizes available on request. We are able to adapt any existing configuration to meet your needs. 
  • Foldaway portable shower screens can be used on a shower tray or level access wet room floor.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

Fast order to delivery turnaround.

Orders received before 11:30 am on any business day are delivered in 2 to 4 days!

If you need any assistance, please contact us, we are happy to help.

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Contour CS1 Folding Carer Screens W650x650xH750
£170.00  -  £190.00
Contour CS2 Folding Carer Screens W750x750xH900
£170.00  -  £190.00
Contour CS3 Folding Carer Screens W1000x1000xH750
£170.00  -  £190.00
Contour CS4 Folding Carer Screens W675x675xH750
£180.00  -  £200.00
Contour CS5 Folding Carer Screens W800x800x800xH750
£180.00  -  £200.00
Contour CSB1 Folding Carer Screens - Bespoke Size
£170.00  -  £200.00

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